Maurilio Catalano

Arte al Borgo

Maurilio Catalano was born in Palermo in 1942.

He taught to the academy of Belle Arti of Palermo.

From 1963 he directs the Gallery "Arte al Borgo"
He has realized a 30 sq. m. painting for the airport of Palermo.

The order of Malta has published on the occasion of the  Giubilare Year a sheet with four postage stamps.

He has realized for the BMW a 7m. X 4m. sculpture on the occasion of the presentation of the Bill Couper.
He has illustrated for the Longanesi the cover of the book "In Sicilia" by Matteo Collura.
He has realized a 6m.x3m. sculpture for the Medipesca at the Fiera del Mediterraneo of Palermo.
He has illustrated for "La Terza" the cover of the book "I Siciliani" of Gaetano Savatteri.

He has been invited by the Regional Museum of the Ceramics of Caltagirone to Trapani on the occasion of a ceramics show "between sails and winds... Mediterranean Routs" during the "Louis Vitton Cup".

A Sinistra: Eustachio Catalano e Maurilio Catalano;              Al Centro: Ritratto di Ferdiando Scianna a Maurilio Catalano;  A destra: Maurilio Catalano con le figlie Roberta e Chiara
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